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VALUE STATEMENT 16 role, Kim showed us there were areas where we needed improvement — service contract, GAP sales, other product sales," Barnes recalls. "Part of the Blueprint process was to recommend certain ways of achieving new levels of performance, and the Ally menu presentation program was one of the major components." What Barnes really liked was the consistency Lepesh brought to his F&I operations after she installed Ally's F&I menu presentation process, which called for F&I producers to present all products. That meant F&I managers were no longer determining which products to present to customers. Barnes says that not only helped with the dealership's compliance efforts, it also fueled F&I proftability and customer acceptance rates for the store's F&I products. "It's in print. It's in front of the customer," Barnes says of Ally's menu process. "They have a copy of it. We have a copy, so there is full acknowledgement and a full knowledge of what has been purchased." Lepesh also helped the dealer establish performance goals and objectives for each individual producer, as well as for the dealership overall. Barnes says the targets she established "really helped us to achieve world-class performance for the better part of this year." Platinum Chevrolet's F&I profit per vehicle retailed jumped 27 percent the frst year Ally's menu was installed. Last year, PVR increased 37 percent. "That's just an absolutely phenomenal job," Barnes says. "It's all about continuous improvement, and right now, this month, I think we are running $1,500 to $1,600 a copy, which frankly leads our 20 Group on a regular basis," Barnes says. Lepesh continues to make regular visits to the dealership to ensure the F&I department stays on track. Barnes credits her commitment and professionalism for making the menu-selling transition so smooth. He also credits Ally for focusing on more than just being a product provider. As he says, they collaborate to help drive performance on a daily basis. "My relationship with Ally is one where I really feel like they are a part of our team," Barnes says. "Their understanding of our business is truly incredible and it's a relationship that I really value." Ally Dealer Rewards Ally Dealer Rewards provides incentives to eligible dealers for selling or using Ally program-qualifying products and services. The program is based upon a very simple idea: The more business you do with Ally, the more rewards you get. How it works: ■ Eligible dealers earn cash rewards based on their performance within select Ally product groups. ■ Dealer sales performance is recognized at multiple levels, with greater incentives available at higher levels of performance. ■ Daily and monthly program reporting is available online, 24/7. ■ Ally's Champions Club offers exclusive rewards to top-performing dealers who grow and maintain their relationships across all lines of business and retain a wholesale floorplan relationship with Ally.

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