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Technology pressured by its search provider to buy into "clicks per zip code" and "earned lead per zip code" metrics. The problem with breaking down leads by district is it doesn't always provide tangible, useful information. Remember that a click is not synonymous with a customer interaction. To avoid getting caught up in statistics that are a waste of time and money, concentrate on the data points that give you information about customer interactions, including the number of people who saw your advertisements; insights on the channels driving online traffc; the number of meetings scheduled with salespeople as a result of your digital marketing efforts; the number of leads you're getting; and, most importantly, the number of leads that were converted into sales. When contemplating how to spend your advertising budget, ask your provider to clarify how many customer interactions you can expect if you invest in whatever advertising technique it's pitching. And be sure to ask your provider to specify the quality of those interactions. If the provider doesn't have a straightforward answer, that's your cue to move on. Stick to the Basics With the ever-changing media landscape, staying up to date on the latest digital marketing tools and trends is essential, but not at the cost of abandoning marketing tactics that are proven to "Meet Matthew Haiken our GM" is one of the selections under the "About" tab in the main navigation bar of Prestige Volvo's website. Customers who click in will fnd a video interview with Haiken, who provides a brief history on the dealership. He also explains how his store works to turn the negative connotations associated with car buying upside down. boost ROI and improve customer relationships. So stick with the three basics covered in this article. Doing so will make it easier for you to enhance your campaign with the latest technologies. So, how do you ensure you're making an intelligent digital investment? Well, you frst need to make sure you're focused on driving shoppers to the VDPs containing the most relevant purchase information. And make sure to include multiple opportunities to engage and start a conversation (e.g., phone number, form submission options and options to save a car for future reference). This can be achieved by hyper-targeting the right shoppers with the most intelligent paid search, display, social media and retargeted Visitors of Prestige Volvo's website don't have to look hard to fnd special offers, service coupons and new model introductions. The dealership's phone number and address also appear prominently on the home page. 34 F&I and Showroom NADA 2014 advertisements. For example, let's say two different shoppers visit your website to research a car purchase. Buyer A clicks on the link to visit your site and immediately clicks the back button. Total visit time was one second. Buyer B visits three specifc VDPs and also navigates to your directions page before leaving. Total visit time was fve minutes, 37 seconds. The question now becomes: Is your display advertising solution smart enough to bid aggressively for Buyer B's attention, while also dialing back the bid for Buyer A? What we just described is an example of "Machine Learning," a process of learning the specifc actions taken by individual shoppers in your designated market area and using that information to serve up the most relevant advertisement in real time and at the most appropriate bid. So, as we move further into 2014, make sure you are making the most intelligent use of your available advertising dollars to target in-market shoppers with the best advertisement at the moment it will make an impact. And be sure to deliver a seamless experience with a concise message that compels them to do business with you. Joe Mescher is a media strategist for the major accounts group at Dealer.com. E-mail him at joe.mescher@bobit.com.

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